World of Warcraft 8.0 Quick Upgrade Guide

How to upgrade World of Warcraft 8.0 quickly? For the new WoW 8.0 version, do you understand? World of Warcraft 8.0 will open the upper limit to 120, many players do not know how to quickly upgrade, let’s take a look at World of Warcraft 8.0 fast upgrade strategy.

1 Introduction

Suitable for the crowd: novice, lazy

Focus: Some of the key points of the test suit harvest and more generalrecommendations

2, Business skills (for ordinary players and goblins)

Manufacturing part

Suggestions for market construction:

In the collection profession, most of the things produced by the mine are not consumables, and the market is weak. However, the market has a strong ability to digest herbal products. Inscriptions, alchemy have very expensive items. For example: reputation contract, mixture, explosive medicine, endurance / intelligence / attack strong reel

There is a 150-point limit on business skills, and there are forgotten books that can be used to restore past recipes when you wash back this specialization. A number of washing specializes and then washed back to practice 150 points, the cost is reduced.

Past recipes are split into 1/150 combinations by version. Zandalari is independent.

Moreover, if you want to specialize in welfare, you can wash away the specialization at will, and the full-level book will be restored to the corresponding version of the recipe (measured after level 100, not tested before level 90), and the full level of jewelry will not be lost after the addition of Draenor.

It is very convenient to wash a special copy and wash it back.

For example, the enchanting alchemy to play Tordago needs to unlock, the enchantment is washed into an inscription, you can use the inscription to unlock the scroll to blame, and the impermanence week hate coefficient is higher, you can wash back the enchantment – there is a wrist enchantment can reduce part of hatred ( The effect is not measured, there is no rush to test to test). Then buy an enchant book to restore the recipe.

It is recommended to build a series of collections, because if you want to worry about eating consumables, it is best to produce a part of it. The copy is too expensive.

More digging in this market will be healthier.

Gears is best not to sell:

Do not sell the gears, if you are not enchanted, use the engineering dismantling device (non-engineering professional, position beside the engineering trainer) to remove more cost-effective, the probability of exorcism gold, return the relevant materials (plate armor ore, Ring anti-gem); dismantling the jewelry will drive out the magic gold. All manufacturing industries can use the exorcism gold to make the younger brothers’ items and bring back the materials you need for professionalism. This is a very good income.

and. Tailoring, forging, and leatherworking all have 385 manufacturing professional finished products, picking up bindings, and need group materials and exorcism gold. Explosive Titan has nothing to do with people like me.

For a more labor-saving leveling, you can repair a collection.


You can’t just complete the main line task, you need to clear 95%+ tasks (after a wave of +15% of the required experience, the leveling task completion requirements are relatively high), repair a series of acquisitions can save some people 119 The level lacks experience and runs to the time of searching for the map branch of the three maps. . Collecting professional acquisitions will give 1700 experience, and digging 10 grasses is a task. The professional advice for collecting is to dig grass and peel. (I don’t look down on mining, I know that the orcs will never be slaves, but I don’t know what’s going on.

Another: collecting occupations when the skill points reach certainhurdles, the professional trainer will refresh the rising star mission. Improvecollection efficiency, simple and experienced.

3, The world mission and reputation (to make equipment faster and better)

The old look, please brush 5M and do the world mission again. The basic LV is improved and it is easier to do at the same time.

Azeroth Warriors related

This prestige is very important, the neutrality becomes friendly and the necklace item 15lv is friendly and respected to the necklace item 15lv. I don’t know it later, but the reward will not be bad.

The means of acquisition are mainly

1, the world mission, will brush 6 warrior reputation missions every day, tribal map 3 alliance maps 3.

2, the task board brother task,

3, the inscription production contract support, each world task additional reward 25 contract party reputation (note: the contract lasts 24 hours, and the effect will disappear due to death, large consumption of goods)

The reputation required to open a siege copy

Glory Battle Group Dear 7500, otherwise you can’t enter, you need to complete the prestige series of tasks. Large size can be used to enter the trumpet without prestige and plot task.

World Mission Reward (Special Jewelry)

The Alliance Party Map has 3 intellectual active accessories. Before getting the 360+ high-end replica accessories, the 330 340 active main attribute jewelry brings the highest return.

PVP mode

PVP mode gives 10% reward, and opening PVP mode will get PVP talent, which will increase some skills. I am recommending the PVP mode for the squad leveling.

However, there are players, it is expected that the national service will appear in the 111-level team to the other quest line map to play PVP. Under normal circumstances, your 120 full level to the previous 111 level PVP experience players are basically difficult to win, because people are very strong for players around 360, based on 24W blood DHT was taken away by 112 thieves, 360lv The ice law big ice spurs can only shoot off the 1/4 blood of the 113 level survival hunting. The data strength of the first group M graduated.

The information related to the pvp test has not been put into effort for a few years. Please also search for detailed descriptions related to pvp.

So when doing the world mission alone

Depending on your confidence and PVP technology level

4, Necklace (energy acquisition)

In the next view, the first layer of specialization traits is the highest, with 3-10%. The second layer of sub-attributes can be up to 3%. The significance is not great, and 25-33 is almost a scorpio. And the liver is almost meaningless.

However, considering that a new level of equipment may appear, the required energy level of the necklace is higher. Clear the world mission every day and make a 5h first win. Weekly corps and island adventures are a good habit for WOWER.

5, Arathi

The elite has lost the value of brushing equipment, the toy is still on the scene, the scene is worth playing, once a week, giving a 340+ piece 370.

However, the opening of Arathi (donating once for 2 days, then donating for the Alliance and then attacking) requires donations of various resources, and each profession has items for donation. So this is a good thing for the manufacturing industry.

In the Arathi scene, the participating players should first attack the logging and iron ore and collect resources to upgrade the main city. The petrochemical car will be pushed forward.

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