Why you should be using 3D printing for your Dungeons and Dragons game.

Dungeons and dragons has been around for years and over time continues to evolve and grow. D&D has exploded thanks to shows like Critical Role and Acquisitions Incorporated. One thing that remains the same throughout is that theatre of the mind is difficult, especially for combat. Improving the combat experience is easily achieved by adding physical terrain to the table.

You enter a tavern, it’s a little quieter than you are used so you keep your head down and make your way to the bar to grab a drink. The bartender slides you a drink, but before it reaches you, you hear the quick screech of chairs as three assassins attempt to jump you. You have a shortsword, a dagger and a couple of local patrons look to be coming to your aid. Roll for initiative!

That scene is easy to imagine, but now you are in combat it can definitely be more difficult to know, where the chairs currently are and how you can use them to your advantage. It becomes a little more tedious, possible, but tedious. You should definitely be thinking about how to improve your combat experience.

The classic way of adding terrain to your game is to cut up pieces of cardboard and sculpt polystyrene, but there is an easier way.

Thanks to the developments of 3D printing you can now print your own terrain, give it a quick lick of paint and enjoy a new gaming experience. There are many companies who offer premium tiles for you to print. We recommend Epic Dungeon Tiles (https://www.epicdungeontiles.com/) as their files are high quality and are compatible with a lot of other available tilesets. They also look awesome.

Epic Dungeon Tiles offer a range of tile types, from Mine Carts to Temples so it’s definitely worth having a look. Thinking of running an epic journey into the depths of the earth and stumble across a secret temple, left in the dust by your ancestors. No problem they have them too!

Purchasing a 3D printer can be a little costly, but prices have come down massively. You can achieve amazing results for under $300. The main thing that is affected by price of printer is speed and quality, but they have improved a lot.

The other great thing about 3D printing is that you can get another company to print files for you without needing a 3D printer. So what are you waiting for, make sure you level up your gaming and get yourself a full dungeon printed.

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