Top 5 Flash Games in 2017

I choose 5 best flash games list for you. Enjoy autumn and the changing colors of the leaves of the trees outside, and when you want to spend a relaxing and chilled out, fold it on our top games. Already more than 150 past tops, and yet we still have many games for you to discover. Start without delay!

Top 1 : GoalKeeper Challenge


Prove to everyone that you are a great goalkeeper! You’ll have to stop the ball from your opponent to score points. You will have to stop it by 5 in each level to move on the game. How far will you go in this competition at the top? Have fun !

Top 2 : Lights PGS


Click on the cables for the current to from the generator and finally turn all the bulbs in each level. Make gradually complete the game in the difficulty that suit you best. You can choose in the beginning of the game menu. Have fun!

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Top 3 : Button Idle


Play with buttons that will earn you lots of money. Idle In this game, your goal will be to click on these famous buttons to gain more and more money. So you can buy new sliders to click to your site, or to change cursors that you already possess. Have fun !

Top 4 : Anime Battle 3.2


manga fans and animated, this fighting game is for you! You will be able to play alongside your favorite heroes and try to take advantage what. It will gain some fighting a duel or against the artificial intelligence of the computer or against one of your friends. Let the battle begin !

TOP 5 :

Play as a hungry piranha and try to eat all the other fish that are evolving in the ocean around you. Magnify to As the game by eating food left by other fish when they disappear. Find also bonuses in water to evolve your hero. Good luck !

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