The Business of Video Game

The video game is an economic sector size considering instead increasingly important as taking digital entertainment in our daily lives. This industry needs as varied as specialized skills in all these areas. The middle of the video game seems to open especially for highly skilled employees and remains very competitive.

In the Development Studio

Programmer / Developer

Business of Video Games

There is a wide variety of programmers. Some focus specifically physics engine, some of the graphics engine, still others of artificial intelligence, etc. Nevertheless, their work remains the same, gather visual designers, music and sound effects of the musician and sound designer into a coherent whole that will make the game.
Training: engineering schools, computer specialty will be the almost indispensable sesame to launch in the middle. This is also in such a training you will become familiar with the development tools and how to use programming languages.

Artistic director

very important figure in the development of a game, the artistic director constantly ensures the visual consistency of the game production. A good artistic culture is necessary to become artistic director simple arts school diploma is not enough. Experience is a highly important factor to reach this position.


Several types of graphic vision following 2 or 3 dimensions in space. Under the leadership of artistic director, graphic designers will initially perform a series of preparatory drawings on sheets. This will work on the look of the characters, define their appearance, the places they go through, etc. Graphic artists will also take care of storyboarder (map sequences by plane) the key phases of the game. In close collaboration with the game designer, graphic designers meticulously build the sets where the characters evolve, and the characters themselves.

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Level Designer

It deals specifically creating levels or game cards. It is he who will think of the journey of the main character, who will provide the different ways that we can explore.

Game designer

business of video games

‘s role is to design the principles of the game, the atmosphere, the “gameplay” (principle) and go as it set the tone of future game. It is also to oversee the entire development. Creative, he is driven to create new game concepts. He often starts his professional career by Level design profession.


Facilitators will put in motion the objects and characters created by graphic designers. The facilitator should set example how to walk the hero or facial attitudes of each protagonist.

Musician and sound designer

musician and sound designer fully make up the sound world of the game, ie the different music and overall sound. Often we find the same person under the cap musician and sound designer. For the musician, it comes to composing a score for all the passages of play that require music. The sound designer is responsible for its share of sound effects and different sounds that will dress the game, making it more alive.


Set the frame of the game, the dialogues, the character of the characters, the places visited, these are some of the writer’s concerns.


Its main task is to define the various errors of the game. The tester usually operates on pre-commercial versions, called alpha and beta respectively.

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