Prediction Marketplace MrktStar Soars Past 300,000 Users After Launch

Provides “Fantasy Sports” experience for companies, celebrities and brands

Contact: Scott Kelly, 480-206-3435, [email protected]

October 1, 2018 – San Francisco, CA–MrktStar, a prediction and demand forecasting platform, announced that since launching the beta version of its game, it has grown to over 300,000 users with a 77% retention rate.

MrktStaruses massive data and a game-based fantasy marketplace to allow fans to earn cash prizes by picking your favorite apps, musicians and brands.

Did you predict Uber or Airbnb were going to be big but didn’t make any money on it?

Did you predict Taylor Swift’s new album was going to be big but didn’t make money on it?

Now you can!

The game provides players a fun and competitive way to win cash prizes and an opportunity for brands to connect and engage players with a game like no other.

John Vitti, founder of Mrkt$tar commented on the launch saying, “A major reason why we created mrktstar is, so the masses can have a fair and fun marketplace where they can make money like the rest of the elite outside of the boring, expensive, intimidating stock market. Time for an evolution.”

There is a free version for points and a cash prize version which can be played on your phone at Follow mrktstaron Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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