MeatPossible: Chapter 1.5 Review

MeatPossible: Chapter 1.5 is high octane, side-scrolling SMUP Developed by Common Visual Entertainment. Visually akin, in graphical style to the retro 14-bit era, players span the plush pixelated vistas, from left to right in a sweeping, forward flowing motion. As you dodge, duck and evade incoming attacks, the fun here is in the verticality of game-play.

Despite a lack of content, the action is balanced. All the while, the vibrant animations, and eye-popping visuals grant the game a unique charm. What’s more, the lively OST, acts as a rallying cry. Meaning, the orchestral compositions compliment the action on screen.

The story is similar to Tomba in many respects. The protagonist is Lunaya; a Knight tasked with defending the Epicton Kingdom from all-out war. As a result, your mission is to banish the despotic Elite Pig and fellow minions. Those of which are wreaking havoc across the lands, in a bid to restore peace and harmony.

Now, let’s touch upon the game-play. In summary, the controls are tight and responsive. Sure, the button config takes a little mastery. But you’ll adjust to the keyboard layout relatively quickly. Better still, the ergonomic, and well-presented UI allows for a stress-free experience. On that note, some of the fonts are basic by design. Perhaps it would be nice to flesh out the interface with icons and text. Maybe, something with a more pleasing aesthetic? That said, it fulfills its purpose.

The concept is relatively simple — defeat waves of enemies with a gamut of attacks and abilities to gain in-game points. After you’ve hit the required threshold, you’ll unlock the elite guard. Once defeated, you’ll move onto the next stage. Advanced attacks, which issue a higher hit-point rate, are executable upon the collection of Red Orbs. Those of which offer damage multipliers. Taking damage from the enemy reduces health points, and effects your combo tally. In turn, the accumulative effect of which grants specials summons and builds high-power attacks.

As you glide through the game, you’ll gather coins, and unlock chests with various loot. The in-game currency opens a string of stat boosts and upgrades, purchasable via the shop. Unfortunately, the options here are somewhat limited. That said, there are only a select few items on offer. Indeed, this is an area the dev-team may want to flesh out going forward. Perhaps, a greater range of cosmetics or spells and companions would help to lengthen the game.

In truth, there is plenty of promise, but the content is few and far between. The core fundamentals are good, but the inclusion of more playable characters, unique abilities, and a more in-depth story, would make for a significantly better experience. All in all, it’s well worth a play for fans of side-scrollers, and with fan support, there is a substantial platform upon which to build.

To coincide with the release of MeatPossible: Chapter 1.5 is a content challenge being led by the dev-team on their Facebook (@meatpossible). Also, there is a healthy reward for the winner. Primarily, the first three players to complete the game, and defeat the three pig bosses will earn 100 USD. Surely then, a great incentive to go out and play this game.

In summary, MeatPossible: Chapter 1.5 harks back to the retro days of old. What’s more, the challenge and reward system issues ample reason to see this game through to its completion. Although short-lived, in time the game will likely grow, as the team behind the project take on, and further implement fan feedback. Written by Robbie

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