Exploring the New PLA Motion Controllers

Good news to gamers all over! Ed Larkin has done it again! From the famous mouse Bungee to a total game changer. A game controller to handle anything and give you a break from typing to play. This controller is the PLA motion controller.4 years under development and the wait is over. Gaming just got more realistic and immersive.Move from the Keyboard keys which only give you half the fun that these controllers offer. Of course the choice is yours, but first, more on PLA motion Controllers to help make an informed decision.

PLA motion controllers are made for everyone

Xavier technologies has everyone in mind. You do not have to sit and watch while your friends battle it out in the virtual world of gaming due to the controller not favoring you for being left-handed or right-handed. The PLA motion controller is ambidextrous. No one has an added advantage over the other.This feature, among others makes this controller stand out in its design.

The superior features

PLA motion controllers have extra ordinary features all in the name of changing the gaming experience. Its hybrid nature beats typing commands on keyboards to play. The analog and digital steering wheel together with the 3 joysticks work well to make it easy toexe cute several actions when playing fps or action games. It is basically a multi-functional controller.

In addition, the controller lets the gamer program the controls just as you would with a keyboard and also have endless command combinations. Others features include having an arduino processor, wrist wrest, has USB 3.0 connection capabilities and its open source for both its software and hardware.

The price

An ideal gaming accessories is one that is worth every penny you spend. And base don the PLA motion controller’s exceptional features, the price, at $249.95 is fair. Besides, you can get early bird discounts running Kick starter campaigns to back the project. PLA motion controllers are easily affordable to transform the gaming experience from the Stone Age to the modern times where fps and action games feel more natural and realistic.

Welcome to the future with the PLA motion controllers. Keep off the keyboards and get gaming with this new piece of gaming technology.Avoid slow gaming just because you have to reposition your fingers while your opponent in the game gets the lead. Let the controller help you enjoy your game as you enjoy all its features.

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