Download Flash Games and Play Offline

You probably know little free Flash games you play in your browser tab when you have 5 minutes to spare. On Onsoftware we try besides you propose a new one every week .

What if you could download these small flash games , so that you can play whenever you want, even when you do not have internet connection?

Here’s how:

1. First go to the web page of the Flash game you want to play. Copy the address of the page in the clipboard with Ctrl + C . Then go . 2. is a site to retrieve all the files related to a web page. In a Flash game, there are files in the format .SWF .

Once on that page, paste (Ctrl + V) the gaming web address in the URL field and check the box Objects . Then click Get Files to see a list of SWF files. Right-click on the file and choose Save target as … to download.

Flash games

3. Now that the file is on your computer, it must be made “playable”. Download and install the free utility BlueSoleil . After launching the program, right-click its icon, and then on the menu, choose Create new BlueSoleil package .

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flash games

4. Then enter the name of the game, select your SWF file via the “Select Game File” button and click Start Packing. BlueSoleil then converts SWF in a package format that he knows, .FOP , and places it in the output folder you have previously selected.

flash games

5. To finally start playing, go back and choose Install flash Offliner Package . Select .FOP then click “Open.”

flash games

6. Your Flash game available! Right-clicking the icon of BlueSoleil and you see it appear. There is to click on it to start playing.

flash games

It’s your turn!

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