Discover the Nintendo Flash games that were thought lost forever

Oddly enough, there are a number of Nintendo Flash Games officially developed.

Nintendo has earned a reputation as one of the most jealous companies with intellectual property; bad experiences in the past (such as the agreement with Panasonic and 3DO console) have made for generations Nintendo games consoles only saliesen manufacturer.

So the surprise was when Nintendo announced its first mobile games; but it has always made clear that the priority is to attract more players to the Switch and 3DS. That’s why mobile games that Nintendo are not adaptations, but independent games.

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A piece of the history of the Web of 2000

What you may not know is that this is not the first time that Nintendo uses other platforms to promote themselves . In the 2000s, Nintendo also developed Flash games ; the goal was simply to promote the new releases of its most famous sagas.

Nintendo Flash Games

These games are not very remarkable; Say you do not have much “crumb”. Some, like based on Metroid Prime, are more elaborate than others, offering labyrinthine scenarios we have to look for clues.

Others such as Donkey Kong, extracted original game mechanics like jumping barrel barrel.

Whereas in others, like Zelda The Wind Waker, it is given more importance to present the history of the game ; minigame (in this case, navigate to points on the map) is secondary.

Nintendo Flash Games

Nintendo is not the only developer who created Flash games to promote their products, much less. In 2000 it was very common, and there was a genuine fondness and cataloged seeking the best Flash games.

The web that is collecting the Flash games Nintendo

Nintendo Flash Games

Unfortunately, with time and closure of the websites, these games have been lost. Now a fan of Nintendo is trying to collect all the Flash games Nintendo into a single web ; you still have a few files to find, but we can play some of these curiosities on your page.

It’s all a nostalgic trip if the web were sailing less than 10 years or more. However, before trying them remember to activate the Flash plugin for your browser. Most browsers default Flash blocks, being an obsolete and dangerous piece of software.

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