CS:GO Guide for Beginners

When you are new to CS:GO, it is difficult to increase your skill quickly. There are often more experienced players who have csgo ranked accounts, some of whom have more than 10 years of seniority on the game, and most of the time the average newcomer will explode without understanding.

One of the most important things about the climb is aim (aiming well). On Counter-Strike, to maximize your chances of winning duels in the short or long distance, it is essential to know where to shoot and how not to miss your targets.

The headshot will be your primary goal in learning the game. Some would be tempted to think that playing against stronger enemies is enough to increase his aim, but there are different ways to progress quickly for new csgo accounts.

With bots: When you arrive in the menu, choose “OFFLINE WITH BOTS”, in “PLAY”. At first, choose a harmless level of bots. There, you will be able to train on moving targets but that will not attack you. The more comfortable you feel, the higher the level of the bots. The last level, Bot Expert, will not seem insurmountable after hours of training. The most interesting game mode is the game to the death.

WorkShop: slightly more complicated, is to go to the Steam Workshop, then in the objects of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and find through the search card “training_aim_csgo_fixed”. Complete and recognized by thousands of players (beginners or not), this card offers several levels of difficulty, distance from the target, target size, etc. You will be able to freely choose which weapon you want to use, and spend hours making the best score possible. There are also other maps that have been specially created to train against bots such as Arena, Aim Bot Train, Inferno (Banana only), Nuke (Ramps only).

DeathMatch: The deathmatch is the most important to progress quickly on cs: go. You can find it by going on play -> find a game ->Deathmatch. This mod of games allows you to reappear immediately after your death. Remember that the most important thing is to aim your head. There are also servers that we call Only HS or the principle remains the same however to kill an enemi you will be forced to make a HeadShoot to kill him.

Matchmaking: Matchmaking is found by going in: play -> find a game -> competitive. This mode allows you to play competitively that is to say in the same rules as official matches of professional players. After 10 games you will have a badge (rank) that will define your level and so you can play with and against players of your level. For this mod it is advisable to wait for the time to have the minimum experience required so as not to be lost.

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