A G Injector APK

Hello everyone! Many people around us are going crazy about this game called Mobile legends. The game offers a lot of characters and cool skins which you want to unlock but you can’t because you have to pay for them. We are offering the ultimate solution for it which is called AG Injector Apk. It is a simple hacking tool for mobile legends.

This is a free application and requires no additional charges while downloading or installing. It is currently considered as one of the best hacking tools for ML.

Overview of AG Injector APK

AG Injector Apk is created by the developers of Aneh Gaming. In Mobile Legends, you have to fight for different strongholds of other opponents and conquer them and in reward, you get diamonds and coins through which you can buy different skins of different characters, which is a long process.

This is about clearing levels and the higher levels are hard to complete because these levels require certain characters for it which are quite costly and even without new skins the game eventually becomes boring and you lost interest in the game. Now, if you have AG injector Apk in your mobile phones you can do that in just a few moments. This application fakes your levels and lets you unlock any premium skin you want for free.

Since Mobile legends has become quite popular among many other android games like Pubg and Fortnite and for staying in the competition the official game developers come up with updates and introducing new character and skins according to certain events from time to time. Because of that developers of this have to keep themselves updated as well and they do so. The developers add any kind of update which official game announces.

Let me give you a list of some of the epic skins you can have for free using this wonderful application

  • Miya – the Christmas carnival  
  • Alice – Wizardry teacher
  • Chuo – Dragon boy
  • Alucard – Child of the fall
  • Roger – The beast
  • Freya – war angel
  • Kimmy – Astrocat

The premium characters are distinguished into different categories, which I have listed below


  • Gusion
  • Hanzo
  • Helcurt


  • Balmond
  • Franco
  • Atlas


  • Alpha
  • Argus
  • Badang


  • Layla
  • Yi sun-sine
  • Miya

Key features of AG Injector Apk

  • No logins required
  • No in-app purchases, completely free of cost
  • Easily understandable layout for users of any kind
  • Fastest way of owning the latest skins
  • Compatible with almost all android devices.

Is it legal?

As we have said earlier in the starting paragraphs that this a hacking tool for Mobile legends, that’s why this is an illegal application, this has nothing to do with the official game. Even this is illegal you can still use it normally just taking some precautions like using a VPN can help you.

Is it safe to use?

This application is completely safe to use for the users because several people are using it regularly and no one has ever reported any issue regarding their security or the game till now.

How to Download AG Injector Apk

This is a third-party app, because of which you will not find it on the official Google Apps Store. No worries, you can still download the latest version of this app easily from the given link just by one click. You will have to wait for a moment after clicking because the download takes some seconds or more to start automatically.

How to Install AG Injector Apk

Now for installing the app, you have to locate the downloaded file from your preferred storage location for downloads.

The first step before installing will be to allow installation from unknown sources.

 In the Second step click on the downloaded Apk and your installation process will start and you just have to follow the installation process.

After the process, your app will be ready to use.


No more being bored because of the same old skins. You can now enjoy having all the epic skins for free.

If you like this application then download it now.  

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