5 Flash Games to Pass the Time!

Want to wake up a bit during office hours or courses? You have a computer available? This article is for you! Mister Geek shows 10 Flash games to reduce boredom!

The trouble is inevitable, the games is vital!

1) The games .io

Flash Games

Who has not heard of agar.io , slither.io or narwhal.io ? This is the type of flash game the most played in the world. These multiplayer games online with a very simple game mechanic and a competitive aspect. Hardly a game starts, we can not to stop! To play agar.io , click here !

2) Canabalt

Flash Game

Like the type of game runner ? This one is for you! No need to know the controls, you just press space and the goal is to go as far as possible! He recalls the application I Must Run! smartphone. To play Cannabalt , click here !

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3) Soccer Physics

Soccer Physics Flash Games

Amateur football is your turn! Soccer Physics is a game where you control a player and a goalkeeper on land gravity has changed. A simple touch is enough to play and you can even face a friend locally! To play Soccer Physics , click here !

4) Kingdom rush

Kingdom rush flash game


Super game of tower defense simple and effective. The purpose of it is to build defense towers along a path to avoid the bad guys arrive at the end. To play Kingdom Rush , click here !

5) Mole Hammer

Mole Hammer flash Games

Moles, a hammer. TYPE !!! A good stress relief for the purposes of days or to avoid gutting a close friend. More details about Best Gaming Chair Good Luck!

Here ! I hope you have fun! And if you get chopper, please do not say that the idea comes from us! Although well thought, go ahead it will make us the pub!😉

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