10 Ideas How to Make Money with Video Games

In this article I will present a dozen ideas that can help to earn money from video games.

1- Participate in video game tournaments and bet on yourself

If you are good on a particular game, or even more, you can try to make money in video game tournaments.

Now, with some sites such as Glory4Gamers , it is possible to register in tournaments and try his luck (or cause) to finish in first place and win the jackpot.

For example on Glory4Gamers you can participate in tournaments playing on 3DS, Playstation 3 & 4, Wii U, One & xBox 360 and PC .

On Glory4Gamers there are different types of tournaments:

  • Free tournaments that can save us … the right to replay.
  • Free tournaments that can save us a few euros.
  • Tournaments “cashback” , whose registration fee is 1 € and in which we can expect to earn up to 40 euros depending on the number of players.
  • Tournaments “jackpot” , whose registration fee is 2 € and in which we can expect to earn up to 700 euros .

We can expect to earn a lot of money if you are talented, very talented, and maybe it can help open some doors to be known, and so earn a living this way (yes c is already the case for some players worldwide).

2. Bet on the e-sports

The e-sports means … video game (it’s a word that is certainly born of a marketing story).

Because now there are competitions of video games, there are inevitably Paris, one will almost never without the other.

And to bet on e-sports there are more and more US sites, but unfortunately none of them seems to be licensed by ARJEL ( Regulatory Authority for online games in France ) so I do not know not if I have the right to promote it here. So as a precaution I will not mention any e-sports site paris here.

3- Make videos on YouTube

Video Games

This method is one of the best legal solutions to earn money from video games. There are many YouTubers who get a lot of money by filming playing, it shows to the millions of views accumulated by certain videos.

The advantage of this solution is that it allows you to earn passive income , so once we have a developed enough audience can expect to earn large sums of money rather interesting without necessarily having to post videos every day.

Personally I have not yet tested YouTube – as YouTuber – but Nathanael blog Buziness24 to write a fairly comprehensive article on the subject that can be accessed by following this link:Earn money on YouTube .

4. Sale of Video Games via G2A Goldmine

Video Games

G2A Goldmine is affiliate program site … G2A. This affiliate program allows recommend video games and earn commission in each sale.

Video games can recommend our choice of friends on social networks, on its website, a YouTube channel, forums, etc …

When a person buys a video game on G2A through our link recommendation, it comes to our team. Indeed on G2A Goldmine you can build a team of vendors and / or customers on 3 levels, which saves even more commissions.

The downside is that the commissions do not always fly high because most of the games on offer are not very expensive, but the advantage is that we gain lifetime commissions , so that it can become quite interesting over time.

5- Aministrer its own Online Game

Video Games


To make money one can also think about creating (or to create), develop and administer their own online game, or application. You can then monetize it by allowing members to pay for benefits on the same game, you can also monetize via advertising.

Obviously, creating its own online game may require some knowledge, and develop demand to devote a lot of time, especially at first.

To create an online game, there are several sites that can facilitate the process, such as:

MafiaControl , which can create a Mafia game . MafiaControl is the new version of the site Mamafia, with better design and better usability for mobile gamers. MafiaControl creates his game for free, but investing a hundred euros you put more chances on his side. The advantage of this site is that it creates a very good Mafia game without any knowledge recquise (but for a full game takes several hundred euros, the problem is precisely that it ‘ is too easy … so there are many competitors, if we want to create a game via this site it will be able to pull out of the game and it will not count the hours early.

Jcray.com : I tested very quickly this site, air well enough we can create an RPG, a strategy game, a breeding game … from what I saw it can do some whatever you want, you can even add its own codes. However, watching the games online created by members, it seems that a minimum of knowledge in CSS because otherwise you end up with a disastrous design. Jcray would be a good choice to create the first online game , because this is a free tool and pay formula only costs 3 euros per month so it can really be worth testing.

Webidev : This site creates a breeding game online, I did not try, I do not know if we can customize the game as desired, and if you can make money with it .

These are just a few examples among many others … in fact, these are the sites I found on the web French, but the English side there must be many other sites that can help create a game online easily, for example by typing “create a game online” (I do not know if this is the correct English, I speak English like a Spanish cow) I could find several sites that can create his / its own flash games and other …

One can also create your own game server. For example you can create your Minecraft server, or Rust ( see this article ), or other … I’m not a great expert in the field, if you are interested Google is your friend, and we must not hesitate to seek English side again. And we must also learn about the laws, because I guess you can not do any game like that.

6. Create a Site (Blog, Forum, Online store …)

Video Games

One can also earn a lot of money in creating and developing its own site on the topic of video games. One can for example create a blog, an online store, forum … and even all at once.

The hardest thing is to make known the site to bring traffic above.

Monetization level is much more “simple” can recommend such services / products / sites as affiliates (hardware gamer with the partner program Amazon , video games with G2A Goldmine , gambling with the affiliation platform Gambling affiliation, …), we can make dropshipping (which is to sell products without having to manage stock), it can sell its own products, as an ebook for example, and you earn money through Google Adsense.

7. Create and Sell an ebook and / or a Paper book

Video Games

Before Christmas, I was in a supermarket to buy gifts and balandant me in the books department, I saw books about MineCraft, written by a fan of the game.

So there is money to be taken again, if you’re a fan of a particular video game we can write a book about it (again you have to learn in laws I guess … especially if you live in France).

One can write a book and sell it to digital formet (epub, pdf …) on sites like Amazon or 1TPE and clickbank (specialized affiliate networks in the field of infoproducts in digital format).

his book can also offer a publishing house, the canvass one by one to try his luck. It pays less than digital products, but it has the advantage of giving more credibility to the author and give really interesting suites …

8. Earn money by Testing Video Games

To earn money from video games, you can become a tester.

Imagine … Getting paid to play all day, it does not make you want? 🙂

Well, actually, it’s a different story. A video game tester is to find bugs, to really study the game … I do not think this profession is only synonymous with good times.

Some websites also pay us to test games on occasion , but in general it is especially necessary to test websites or applications (see this article: earn money by giving its opinion ).

If you are interested in the video game tester business, you can read this article which contains good information on the subject.

Other Professions related to Video Games

If you are interested in trades related to video games, be aware that there are full: level designer, programmer, modeler, tester, host …

More information to topics of the various businesses related games video, I invite you to read this article .

9- The Games that may Save Money

Video Games

There are online games that can afford to make money . This is for example the case of the game Second Life , which is “created” and run by players themselves. In this game you can earn money by creating and selling items against virtual currency that can then redeem against real money based on the rate.

I know there are games like Second Life (for real money side), unfortunately I am unable to lay hands on it …

can also turn to flash and free games sites to win gifts . For example, one of the largest sites in this area is Ludokado.com. There, the potential gain over the time invested is not necessarily very interesting, but the games are fun.

Otherwise, there is obviously still gambling , such as hppiques paris, paris sports and poker. the site of the PMU provides three activities at a time if you are interested, you must of course be major. Often on such sites, we get a sign up bonus, style is deposited € 50 and the site offers us 50 euros, is valid for inclusion in general.

10- Investing in Video Games

Video Games

To earn money through it can also think video games to invest, buy games, wait until they increase in value and then sell them … or sell them without delay if there’s a way to make margin.

Some video games are aging very well … I have unfortunately paid the price myself. There are 3 years I got a Playstation 1, so naturally I wanted to buy directly PS1 games that I had when I was little, whose play “Team Buddies” unfortunately today it costs 120 euro minimum opportunity (without the box, otherwise it is 200 minimum) and at least 700 euros for a new or almost new …

And this is just one example among many others, there are games that cost the price of a car. And, of course, some video games will never take the value.

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