The 10 Best indie Games to Start in the Scene

Normally when I talk to people about the independent gaming scene, often I think that I refer especially to small Flash games that can be played for free from the browser.

And so it is, but there are more types and categories. They also tend to think that it is games made by fans and mediocre quality when often this is not the case.

I will list a series of games that I consider indispensable for anyone interested in indie games and therefore recommend it for those who want to know what kind of things can be found out there.

Gish is a platform game, but that’s where just what one can assume when we talk about this title. For starters,has an excellent physics engine and lighting that create all kinds of mobile parts or destructible environments. Kingdom at a very good stage design and the fact that, as tar ball you are,’ll have all kinds of skills like jumping, make more dense or viscous or climb walls; make playing Gish is totally different from any other platforms you’ve tried so far. Zuma game screenshot As inhabitant of the planet with access toInternet, you have probably already played Zuma. It is an addictive arcade game where the goal is to shoot colored balls chained to a series of balls moving in single file toward a fateful end. Placing three or more balls of the same color you pop, and your goal is to destroy all the balls before they reach the end of the road. It sounds simple? It is. And that’s where all his success lies. Zuma is a really simple but with more depth than it seems game.

Despite the short time that has Aquaria , and has become a benchmark in the world of indie games. In him we will control Naija, a beautiful marine creature in search of his family. We explore deep chasms and sunny oasis, where we find more than 175 marine creatures, including big bosses phase. We may also use magical powers to change shape Naija ‘ We can take up to 8 different – for different skills. All this and more is what gives us one of the most complete facts in a while indie games: Aquaria.


Darwinia is a strategy game in real time as you’ve ever seen. The game puts us in a very peculiar universe that the creators describe as a “virtual theme park”, a kind of computer-simulated world populated by beings called Darwinians. However, this world has been invaded by a computer virus out of control and your task isstop this virus and save the Darwinians from extinction. Definitely the atmosphere that offers us Darwinia is one of the highlights of the game.

Mr. Robot has elements of many genres, such as the platforms, adventure and puzzles and even role. And all with some incredibly high production values, for surely great graphics and sounds of the game are much of their incentive. Another big plus is the story workedfull of references to classic literature, video games and the cinema and the atmosphere in the game immerses you worthy of masterpieces such as 2001: A Space Odyssey .

Hunger. It’s emotional has taken numerous awards, and not think it’s for one reason. Perhaps their care graphics are made -similar to those of Alien Hominid-, its great soundtrack, its original concept or addictive gameplay hand. The point is that thisa great game. Eets is a creature that, like the Lemmings old, will walk always forwardmatter what happens. Our work will be put before him certain foods that alter the mood of Eets , and therefore their behavior.

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Kaloki is a game that puts us in the skin of the manager of a somewhat wacky space station with the mission of making it financially profitable. We are facing an attention to detail in all aspectsgame, and that is something thatobvious as soon as one puts his eyeshim, because as you can see in the pictures, has a coherent artistic design very carefully, withstyle game and also done very tastefully. It’s quite a blow for those who have gotten betweeneyes that indies games are visually horrible compared to blockbusters. And you do not needhave realistic graphics so that they are good.

Hamsterball is a game a delight, as funny as visually pleasing. Just to see the little animalejo move the legs inside his ball and worth downloading the game, but no more than that. All game graphics fit in a way that just works. The vivid colors of the stage, ramps and pipes, everything goes according to the protagonist. The game is to bring our little friend the starting point to the goal of each level, avoiding the hamster fall offstageis “takento heaven” by one of the devices that populate the universe of Hamsterball : knives, hammers, mousetraps , etc.

Hamsterball Game

Huntsville , the first title of the famous saga, you play a detective who must solve a series of mysterious crimes that are happening in the quiet town of Huntsville. We wander around various crime scenes to try to find clues in the form of hidden objects that take us later to discover the culprit by other minigames like a picture divided into pieces that we put together. If you like this game you will love the other games to find hidden objects in the same saga.

There are also indie games consoles. If you have a PlayStation 2, a GameCube or Xbox / X360, you can not miss Alien Hominid. In this classic platformer you play as an alien who has fallen on planet earth and must find his ship to return to his planet, annihilating few FBI agents are on your way. The game features beautiful graphics and animations handmade that will delight everyone, a way for final two simultaneous players, 16 levels, vehicles and two dozen heads of phase – rather than levels, curiously. It also has many mini games for up to 4 players and scoring lists online and packs additional levels that can be purchased for 150 points on Xbox Live Arcade. If you have any of the consoles for which it is available Alien Hominid , do not hesitate to try it . For others, we will always have the online version reduced.

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