Top 10+ free games on web browser, to kill time “intelligently”

Below is top 10 free games details. We will not lie, you are royally doing shit you there, right away, now. Since you have just finished reading the best of Topito , it is proposed to deal with the good little games to play directly on the web, without installing anything. No scam, no money to pay, it is selected that a good game for free. This is often very stupid, very simple, but highly addictive:

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Kingdom Rush

Great game Tower Defense . Also available on smartphones and tablets. If you finish first, you can also play as a result .


An online game like “capture the flag” , unless you’re a ball. To learn how to play it (in less than 1 minute), it’s here .


The game is to dig into the ground to end up killing Satan. The more you advance in depth, the more you can buy the best gear. Simple and efficient.

Bloons TD 5

Another great Tower Defense free. Nothing very original, but it works well.

Pandemic II

If you play Plague Inc. on smartphones is the same principle: you have to create a virus and make the move to kill the entire planet. An extensive program.

Cookie Clicker

One goal: to produce the largest number of cookies. By clicking. Do not thank us.


An SPF original concept: time progresses only when you move.

Frog Fractions

Do not think, play it. And you will understand.

Age of War
A mix between a tower defense and strategy game. Create an army and make the change through the ages.

Burrito Bison Revenge

Launch a wrestler as far as possible.

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