How to Play Online PS4?

Want to share your gaming experiences with gamers around the world and meet the challenges? Thanks to PlayStation Plus application, value to your talents gamer online through a wide repertoire of games for PS4.

What does it take to play online on PS4?

To join the global community of followers of PS4 games online, you need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus service. To access this application, you must:

  1. Being older than 18
  2. Owning a SEN account
  3. Having a payment method compatible with the service (credit card or PayPal) for automatic renewal
  4. However, minors can join the service by creating a secondary account and have a code of voucher without automatic renewal. To subscribe to PS Plus service, you can:

Access PlayStation Store from your PS4

Start the PlayStation app on your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS)
Buy a PlayStation card more in store for acquiring a code voucher disposable

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What are the advantages of playing online on PS4?

In addition to connect to dedicated game players worldwide, PlayStation Plus feature offers many privileges:

  1. Enjoy 10 GB of storage space in the cloud for backups and access them quickly from the PS4 to a friend
  2. Invite your PSN friends to multiplayer battles
  3. Vote for your favorite games so that they be included in the PS4 titles collections coming
  4. Be ahead of other gamers, because the PlayStation Plus allows you to discover in preview the new games and demos of major developers. Test the beta testing by subscribing to the PS Plus service
    ergonomic and fun sharing feature, PlayStation More PS4 console will satisfy your cravings for playing best online games. Note that a 14-day trial is available to familiarize yourself with this exceptional service.
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