How to activate the console in CS: GO?

How to use cheats in CS: GO?

Access the game settings and the Enable Developer Console option. If that does not work, right click on CS: GO in steam, click properties -> launch options and add “-console”. Now the console should appear after you start the game.

sv_cheats 1 Console Commands

Press “~” ingame and type “sv_cheats 1”. This will allow cheaters. You can use the following commands in CS: Go when sv_cheats 1 is enabled and you can get more cheats on private CSGO cheats.

mat_wireframe 1

Wired wallhack, you can see the players through the walls


Allows you to browse the map

give weapon

You can give yourself objects or weapons. For example, “give weapon_ak47”. Here is the complete list:

Primary weapons
give weapon_ak47
give weapon_m4a1_silencer
give weapon_m4a1
give weapon_aug
give weapon_awp
give weapon_bizon
give weapon_famas
give weapon_gs3sg1
give weapon_galilar
give weapon_m249
give weapon_mac10
give weapon_mag7
give weapon_mp7
give weapon_mp9
give weapon_negev
give weapon_nova
give weapon_scar20
give weapon_sg556
give weapon_ssg08
give weapon_ump45
give weapon_xm1014
Secondary weapons
give weapon_deagle
give weapon_elite
give weapon_fiveseven
give weapon_glock
give weapon_hkp2000
give weapon_tec9
Grenades & Extras
dealer weapon_hegrenade
give weapon_c4
give weapon_flashbang
give weapon_incgrenade
give weapon_molotov
give weapon_smokegrenade
give weapon_taser
cl_predictweapons 0
Removes recoil of your weapons
Slow down or speed up CS GO. You can use host_timescale 0.1 to slow it down, or for example use host_timescale 6 to speed up your game.

CS GO Net settings

net_graph 1

net_graph has been integrated into the engine since Half-Life. To enable it, open the CS GO console and type net_graph 1
What is shown on net_graph 1?


FPS means pictures per second and it shows, the number of frames per second you see, as you would guess. The greatest number, the best. You can cap the max fps with fpx_max. Fps_max must be at 0, or at least a sufficiently high number to meet your refresh rate screens. If you have a 144hz screen, fps_max should be at least 145.


This information shows you how to stabilize your fps are. For the measurement of the last 1000 frames are used. You can use fps_max to limit your fps, which will make “was” more constant.


The ping shows your average latency. The lowest possible. If you’re experiencing high ping, check if you, or someone on the same network is downloading, or maybe the server you’re playing on is just far away.


Until shows how many data packets are requested by the server.


Cmd indicates how many data packets are sent to the server.


Indicates the percentage of data that is requested by the player, that can not be transformed. This means that the players bandwidth limit is exceeded and that the server is forced to skip data packets.


Shows the tickrate. It is either 64 or 128. A higher tickrate is better, but also consumes more performance.

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